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13mins | COMING SOON

Brian Martin | Manus Halligan | Glenn Speers

An Irish black comedy crime thriller about cocaine and the futility of nationalism.

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MALCOLM (2018)

15mins | COMING SOON

Isla Blair | Anthony Calf | Kate Kennedy | Shazia Nicholls | Ragevan Vasan | Joe Lamche

A short comedy drama about a death in a family from the point of view of the corpse.




27mins | Arri Alexa Digital | 2:1

Christopher Fulford | Timothy Innes | Eileen Davies | Hannah Hutch | Doireann May White

Isaac Lowe is dead. Lost at sea so many years ago. That is, until his son Jacob washes up on an island below a mysterious lighthouse. Inside, father and son will be reunited, only to discover they are mere playthings for a much darker force.


25mins | Arri Alexa Digital | 2:1

George Mackay | Susannah Doyle | Joseph Harmon | Marion Bailey | Clive Wood | Maimie McCoy | Sam Redford

James Quinn has been murdered by young Tomas Gant. He's not the first to fall to The Fire - a bitter blood feud that has been raging between the Quinn and Gant families.

But he could be the last.

A truce has been negotiated. To bind the families and end the bloodshed, Mara Quinn must accept her son's murderer into her house, to survive the long harsh winter ahead.


17mins | Super 16 mm film | 2.35:1

Daisy Waterstone | Daniel O'Meara | Zara 

A science fiction short that tells the story of Vik and her father Wyatt, who are trapped in a crashed spaceship on the surface of a dark planet, void of life and light. Vik's mother has been missing since the crash. Wyatt claims that she abandoned them both to save herself. But soon mysterious transmissions begin to come through Vik's radio. A voice that sounds just like her mother, tells Vik to leave the ship, to go out into the dark void. Now Vik must decide whether to trust her father, or follow the mysterious signal into the darkness that surrounds the ship.